About Patti's Teaching Style:

Patti is a well known leader in the Decorative Art Field and is the original
"Acrylic Blender". She is noted for her Realistic style of painting which includes; fruit, floral and still-life. She teaches from an Oil painter's view-point using Acrylic terminology.

Her gifting as a "Teacher" is well known throughout the industry, so whether you're a novice and just beginning, or a seasoned painter, Patti has something to teach you and further you along in your painting journey. Patti's goal is not only to teach you a project, but also to freely share her years of knowledge with those who want to know the "WHYS" !

She loves teaching and will leave you saturated with lots of "Theory". It is her desire to better equip your "technical skills" for your next painting challenge. Depending upon the projects chosen and the skill level of the group, Patti will gear her sharing so everyone has a fun informative time and a successful Seminar.

Patti now teaches exclusively using the Deco Art Traditions Paint that are "Altered" to blend like Oils. (See the Traditions Paint Page for more information regarding Altered Acrylics)


If you would like Patti to come teach for your chapter or shop

Seminar Contract (.pdf)

Seminar Contract International (.pdf)

For more information please contact her pattiderenzo@yahoo.com

1. Vino Rosa


2. Tulip & Pitcher



3. Introduction to Still Life


4. Orchid & Fig



5. Streaked Tulips


6. Oh Columbine



7. Tulip & Pear


8. Wine By Candle Light


Patti is a Tier Three Teacher for the on line Traditions Art School. A revolutionary on line educational experience from the comfort of your home.

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