Patti DeRenzo is the mother of three children, two boys and a girl (Forest, 32; Travis, 30; and Rebecca, 23). Patti and her husband, Ken, have been married for over 33 years and are looking forward to the next 33. They reside in a small Southern California Mountain community. Patti is a born-again Christian and if you’ve read any of her books you know that she is not ashamed to share her faith.

Patti has been painting for over 33 years and has had the privilege of taking classes from some of the top artist in the field of “Decorative Painting”, including; Jo Sonja Jansen, David Jansen, Mary Jo Leisure, Priscilla Hauser, Helen Barrick, Ann Kingslan and Cheri Rol. Patti is an accredited Ann Kingslan teacher, the only one to accomplish this using acrylics. She earned her CDA (Certified Decorative Artist) at the Chicago National Convention in 1985. Patti has taught at 29 National Conventions. She has been invited to teach seminars in Japan, Argentina, Canada, England and throughout the United States. She taught for the Japanese Decorative Painting Association (JDPA) on a month long tour and headed up the teacher committee for Argentina’s first chapter Convention. Her videos have been featured on PBS television and she has written numerous articles for many national and international publications including the “Decorative Painter”. In 1994 Patti was selected by the National Society to paint a Christmas plate for the then “Vice President”, Al Gore. She also has one of her pieces on display in the Society Of Decorative Painters Permanent Collection.

Patti originally started painting with oils but soon found that she could not continue using that medium due to some adverse physical reactions to the paints and the cleaners. She switched over to acrylics, but had always admired the “realism of oils”. That motivated her to take instructions from some of the nations top oil painters. She would get lots of curious and concerned looks as she would show up with her acrylic palette, but often by the end of the seminars, many of her teachers would comment that they were impressed and surprised by what she could achieve with her acrylics. After many years of these types of experiments, Patti has perfected her own unique style of “Acrylic Blending” and is the first to accomplish the technique of “Acrylic Blending”.

Patti has authored 8 books, including one for North Light Books “Decorative Artist Guide to Realistic Painting”. She also has produced 13 Theory Booklets, 4 Videos and numerous Pattern Packets. Her first video, “Basic Blending Techniques” by Perfect Palette, was their #1 seller for over a year. Patti spends much of her time traveling nationally and internationally teaching for shops and chapters and importers.

Patti DeRenzo (909) 338-2215
P.O. Box 3385
Crestline, Calif. 92325
Patti attributes all her talent and success to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


If you would like to network with other decorative painters I would like to suggest that you join the "Society of Decorative Painters"



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